8123 for life

One week ago I ventured out on my biggest adventure so far in my life. I’ve managed to get my blog up and running again and I’m sitting here trying to come up with words that can describe everything that happened. I travelled across the world with my best friend so we could go to a festival. People back home in Norway told me that they had festivals there and I should just wait until the summer. But it’s not every year my favourite band celebrates their 10-year anniversary with a festival including several other bands I love. 8123 is something I’m proud to be a part of. It is such a great group of people and I’m so lucky to have friends who love 8123 just as much as I do. I would not trade this experience for anything in the world. It was so much fun!

Nicolette, Dani and Norah made this adventure super fun. We laughed so much and I’m missing them so much because they were such nice people and gaining friends like them is golden. Even if it was just a few days, I appreciate it a lot and hope to see you guys again soon. Thank you for letting us stay with you in Los Angeles, Nicki and thanks for letting us riding with you across the desert to this lovely event. I hope everyone has friends like them because I have not laughed like that in a long time and when people can make you forget about the boring everyday life, keep them.

Meeting other photographers from Concert Updater and meeting the photographer Lupe was also such a great moment of my life. Meeting the people who inspire you to do what you do is incredible. I never thought I would shake hands with one of my favourite photographers. I will cherish it forever. To think that 8123 brought us all together is so amazing and my heart is bursting with love. 8123 means so much, help.

I woke up today and wondered for a bit if I had only dream it all. It feels so unreal to have been half way across the world and to have seen my favourite band in their hometown and to actually have been in America. I was out of Europe! I’m just a small town girl from Norway who happened to get the best friends in the world and who happened ending up loving the same things as I do. I feel so fucking lucky I can’t put it into words. Holy shit.

This Century and A Rocket To The Moon are bands that I thought I’d never see live, but this festival made it happen. Seeing The Technicolors and telling them that my dad also loves their music was a mission accomplished and meeting other fans and talking to them… it all just adds up to this wonderful experience. I got the chills when everyone yelled out “8123 means everything to me” and I still want to relieve that moment because of the pure happiness I felt. It is a feeling I usually have to hunt for and it doesn’t come easy. This family of people from all over the world keeps impressing me. I love you all.

I have wanted to go to America since my early teens. I’m 22 now and the dream kinda faded away when my love for England grew bigger, but after The Maine came into my life… all I wanted for a long time was to visit Arizona. My parents thought I was crazy, but they supported me like they always do when there is something I love. Thanks to my parents for not refusing me to go even though you were skeptical due to everything that is happening in this world.

Thank you to everyone at 8123 and the rest of the people who helped making this festival happen. I have gained an experience, great memories and more friends. What else could I have asked for? This has been the best weekend of my life.

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